5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Grill Style

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and while you could opt for socks or a personalised mug, how about giving your dad something he will not only enjoy but will bring the whole family together?

We are, of course, talking about all things grill. If your dad is like most dads, then he is probably in his element when carefully tending to a delicious array of steaks, sausages and even veggie burgers on the barbie. Combined with a crisp pint in hand and the sun finally making an appearance, what could be a better way to enjoy the great outdoors?

The timing of Father’s Day couldn’t be better either, as it happens to fall in prime barbecue season. As a leading supplier of fire pits, barbecue tables and outdoor cooking tables, we’re here to inspire you with our top 5 Father’s Day BBQ gift ideas.


Thomas Joseph Butchery Glorious BBQ Pack

As any BBQ connoisseur will tell you, the quality of the meat you use makes all the difference. If it’s often the case your dad does all the hosting, why not treat him to some top quality produce and cook it for him instead? Many butchers offer BBQ packs fit for a Father’s Day celebration adding that extra special touch we’re sure he’ll really appreciate. 

A notable mention goes out to The Thomas Joseph Butchery Glorious BBQ Pack, which sources its meat from Coxtie Farm in Brentwood, Essex. The company has an emphasis on free-range habits, ensuring only the best quality cuts of meat. All of which comes out in the delicious, juicy cuts of meat that will create a sizzling sensation as soon as they hit the grill. 

Available for online order and delivery across the UK, each pack contains 8 dry-aged burgers, 12 Thomas Joseph sausages and 1kg of lamb chops.

Buy Thomas Joseph Butchery Glorious BBQ Pack


Sauce Shop 5 Flavours Of BBQ Set

Now you’ve got the meat sorted; it’s time to make sure your barbecue contents are dripping with flavour. Sauce Shop has got you covered! Selling a range of marinades and sauces, their 5 Flavours Of BBQ Set is an ideal Father’s Day gift for keen grillers. 

Simply brush your chosen sauce onto the meat before and during cooking to allow the taste to really come through when you serve up. The flavours offer plenty of variety and include original, cherry bourbon, South Carolina, ketchup and smoky chipotle ketchup.

The South Carolina is recommended as a pork glaze and will give an irresistible sticky finish to the surface of the meat. Likewise, the cherry bourbon containing real American whiskey will add amazing sweet tones that will leave you coming back for seconds and possibly thirds. 

A bonus is that this kit is suitable for vegans and is gluten-free, making it an all-around winner. 

Buy Sauce Shop 5 Flavours Of BBQ Set


Once Cooking Accessory Set

Monet couldn’t have painted his masterpieces without using brushes, and Andy Murray couldn’t have won Wimbledon without a tennis racquet. What we are getting at here is that tools matter! In fact, the quality of your tools can make or break anything you are trying to achieve in life, including the perfect grill. 

Our Once Cooking Accessory Set contains four pieces: a spatula, carving fork, carving knife, and a meat tong. The tools allow for the easy transfer of items onto the grill, including turning them to ensure your food is evenly cooked through. 

The wooden handles do not conduct heat so are ideal for cooking in amongst high temperatures. They are also easy to clean, so you can quickly bring them out for next time.

This kit also comes in a carry case which is handy for keeping everything together in one place. Plus, the case makes it suitable for camping as the tools can be kept clean and hygienic once they have been washed and dried. 

And the best thing about the Once Cooking Accessory Set? You can get it directly from Caleo Lifestyle.

Buy Once Cooking Accessory Set


Farrah & Tanner Crafted Vintage Cognac Leather Apron

When your dad takes charge of the grill, he means business. Now it’s time to make sure he looks the part too with this exquisite leather apron from Farrah & Tanner. 

While it’s possible to purchase regular aprons, these aren’t built to last, nor are they necessarily designed as a present. Plus, if they are made from thin material, then this won’t protect against potential spitting if you have the heat turned up high. 

It’s built with durability in mind with adjustable straps and even a strap to hold your BBQ tongs. With the option to add a personal message, your dad will enjoy this fantastic accessory for many a grilling season to come. 

Buy Crafted Vintage Cognac Leather Apron


JC Bordelet Once Evolution – Outdoor BBQ Table

Saving the best to last is our pièce de résistance that will totally reinvent the BBQ experience beyond all recognition. As one of our standout products here at Caleo Lifestyle, the JC Bordelet Once Evolution Outdoor BBQ Table would make for a truly magnificent addition to any outdoor space. 

Sitting at 107cm tall, it’s the perfect height to socialise around whether you prefer to stand up or pull up a chair and enjoy the grilling process in all its glory. Once you’ve finished the cooking, this 4-in-1 system can also be used as a coffee table or firepit, meaning the entertainment can extend well into the evening. 

There’s undoubtedly no better way for your father to show off his proud creations than them literally becoming centre stage. Guests can move around the table, offering an immersive 360 experience that no other grill on the market can begin to compete with.

As Father’s Day presents go for keen grillers – it simply doesn’t get any better than this. 

Buy JC Bordelet Once Evolution – Outdoor BBQ Table


BBQ Gifts For Dad

We hope our above list has gotten your thinking caps and indeed taste buds turning. When it comes to Father’s Day, you can’t go far wrong with grill related items since a barbecue is one of the best ways to spend time with those he cares about the most. 

If you are on the hunt for a bespoke barbecue experience, then be sure to check out our full range of luxury grills and accessories in our online shop. We stock a wide range of gas, wood and charcoal-fired grill tables.

Have any questions? Caleo Lifestyle is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, delivering across the UK. Give us a call on 0114 322 1592. Or drop us an email, and our friendly team will be in touch. 

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